• MagPhase Vocoder (Author)
  • Matide – Python IDE for MATLAB Users (Author)
  • Merlin: The Neural Network (NN) based Speech Synthesis System (Contributor)
  • WavGenSR (Author)

Sound Synthesis

  • Analog Synth
  • Vowel (Formant) Synth

Audio Analysis

  • Emotions in Music
  • Automatic Music Transcription

Speech Processing

  • New feature extraction for speaker verification
  • Speech recognition
  • Denoiser (Spectral Substraction)
  • My old speech processing page

Audio Effects

  • Real Time
    • Reverberation
    • Stereo Delay
    • Digital Room Correction
  • Off Line
    • Time Stretching (Phase Vocoder)
    • Pitch Shifting (Phase Vocoder)

Digital Signal Processing

  • Automatic Bubble Size Classification by Using Ultrasound
  • Scaling and Product Quantization Sensitivity of Digital Filters
  • IFIR Filters

iOS Programming

  • Acoustic Enclosure Calc (my first iOS app)
  • Lab Game
  • Space Invaders Drum Machine
  • ‘Infinite’ Bands Parametric Equalizer

Computer Vision

  • Rectangle Detection

Adaptive Filtering